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The majority of this weeks focus was spent on finishing my annotated bibliography and isms map. I ended up enjoying writing my annotated bibliography because I found some sources that I am really excited to read in more detail. The annotated bibliography and isms map helped me begin to organize my thoughts and thesis topics in a grounded way. What I need to focus on now is articulating the connections I plan to make in my thesis and deciding how I want to ground my research. The research part of my work is coming up fast and I need to decide how I will proceed with it. I am leaning towards interviewing a few artists about their work, and hopefully connecting with an artist, scholar, or attending an art and ecology event in person. My topics and my situated space are all abstract, but I think that connecting with people and learning about their processes will provide a real-world perspective from which to work. 

In my ENVS 499 independent study, middle-of-the-hourglass research methods will be my main focus over the next few weeks. I am excited to see what will come out of further research and thought development. 

As the time to complete my thesis nears, I am beginning to consider whether I want to complete a traditional thesis or a short thesis and capstone project. My double major lends itself well to the latter; most of the Studio art/ENVS majors that preceded me completed an capstone project tin ENVS that overlapped with their art capstone. My hesitation in forgoing completing the full thesis is how that might affect my prospects getting into grad school or other opportunities I might want to pursue post-grad. However, I have finite time to complete projects this year and I may end up getting to produce more work to show residency programs, etc. if I do an abridged thesis and an art capstone project for ENVS. 

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