Mapping Actors

Going through the process of creating this ANT map illuminated what areas of my research need attention and a refined thought process. At this stage in my research and thought development my ANT map is still fairly abstract. My biggest challenge in my research now is to effectively ground my ideas and connections. I am planning to situate my research in the space of imagined worlds conceptualized and expressed by artists in response to ecological phenomena. The topics I am focusing on: environmental art, symbolic action, and new materialism, are all different aspects of constructed worlds. To ground my research, I attempted to deconstruct the actors implicit within my topics and their connection with one another. Because my topics are so interrelated, I expected to find more overlap between them. However, my topics are proving to be fairly self-contained.

Because my situated context is just as conceptual as the rest of my thesis work so far, the challenge of grounding continues to emerge. In response to this I am placing more focus of concrete actors such as institutions and gallery spaces. As I continue to re-work this Ant map, I plan to add more actors related to the artistsic creation of worlds. However, I think it is valuable for me to keep my ANT map simple for now, focusing on concrete actors that relate to my topics before adding more abstract concepts.

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