Environmental Management

Barrow’s description of Environmental Management (EM) is fairly thorough and the systemic changes he proposes are agreeable. However, he doesn’t spend very much time at all troubleshooting this proposal. He doesn’t incorporate any discussion about how this would affect different demographics of people or the prices of products. In addition, he makes the assumption that existing corporations will be able to adopt EM and that is has the potential to boost profits. However, he does not provide an example of this working in a real-world situation. This description of EM would benefit from discussion of what potential roadblocks there are in its implementation. In addition, there seems to be an underlying assumption that EM can provide benefits to all corporations and that it can be implemented regardless of the frameworks these corporations were built on. I would assume that there are many more challenges to implementing EM than this passage includes and a discussion of what these are and how they might be addressed would strengthen it. 

Considering environmental management is important to my thesis work because it addresses another layer of the ism design, emotion, and sustainability. Environmental management is a proposed type of application of environmental design. Critiquing this is an exercise in critiquing environmental design, bringing practicality into a discussion about aesthetics. This is important to my thesis because the process of critical analyses of aesthetic ideas is similar.

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