Considering Adjectives

This was the second time I wrote answers to the capstone MadLibs because it didn’t go through online the first time I submitted it. It was interesting to do it twice, and I felt much more sure of myself the first time. Working through it a second time, I realized that I acquired more language regarding specific sections of my topic that I am interested in. My research also broadened the scope of what I thought it was possible for me to focus on. I found that my focus was broader than the first time I completed it. Reading the sources I found, I was excited to find nuances of my topic that I am interested in expanding on and now have more under the umbrella of what I want my thesis to be. 

It was interesting to stumble through the madlibs in the confused state that I am in regarding my capstone. I feel like I have the solid parts (topics I want to focus on and build off of), but I don’t know how to position them. I kept rewriting my potential title over again using different adjectives. I am not sure what I want to moveable parts of my thesis topic to be doing. As an exercise, I will make a list below of potential parts of my thesis topic and what they could do!

Parts of my thesis topic:

Matter with agency, culturally powerful materials

Environmental artists


Contemporary art

Environmental activism

Symbolic acts/activism

Healing acts

What they may do:

Activate, illuminate

Create change, influence (culturally and in smaller, more concrete ways)

Connect (people, places, cultures, communities, beings)

Muddle, confuse

Fuse, intertwine

Incarnate, alchemize

I am excited about all these aspects of what I ultimately want my topic to be, but I am not sure how exactly I want them to fit together and which I want to use in the title. I am looking forward to doing more research and getting closer to fitting these concepts together in an interesting way.

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