Brick House

Lately I have been considering the exploration and deconstruction of how organic organisms and urban structures exist together. Additionally, I am considering the value judgements we tend to place on them respectively and why we do so.

This particular work began with an interview between myself and my friend (and model I referenced for this piece) about her experience taking up space in and out of an urban environment. In a city she felt held and safe in some ways. In others she felt placed into a box, unique yet indistinguishable from many, much like a brick or cinderblock in a wall. There was an undertone of anxiety in her experience although there was no reference to immediate danger. Her experience in spaces outside urban environments provided freedom in different ways, yet still an retain undertone of fear.

This piece is an exploration of the way cities nurture, protect, sequester, threaten, constrict and square-off, among other complex forces.

discarded moss-covered red bricks and cinderblock, black wire, oil paint on copper sheet.

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